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Mesothelioma is aggressive cancer caused by asbestos exposure that occurs in the lung and abdominal lining, and rarely in the heart and testicles. It is rare cancer, with only 3,000 new cases each year. But it is difficult to treat and the five-year survivability rate is approximately 10%. ( Most people with mesothelioma live less than a year, but new treatments are helping some victims to live longer if the disease is caught in the early stages.

Unfortunately, most mesothelioma cases are preventable, but years of exposure to asbestos in manufacturing and industrial settings caused thousands of workers to get this terrible disease.

Connecticut and Asbestos Exposure

If you lived or worked in this state for years, you may have been exposed to dangerous asbestos at work or home. It is estimated that 582 people in Connecticut died from mesothelioma from 1999 to 2015. The state has a mesothelioma mortality rate of 10 people per million per year. New London and Windham counties are among the top 50 US counties with the most mesothelioma deaths. (

Connecticut Sites of Asbestos Exposure

Connecticut is one of the smallest states, but there are many industries and job sites that used asbestos in their facilities.


Several shipyards in the state, including the Thames Shipyard and Electric Boat Shipyard, were based in Connecticut. Because of the heavy use of asbestos in building and repairing ships, workers in these facilities were among the most at risk for mesothelioma. Asbestos was used heavily in shipbuilding to control the risk of fire.


There are several quarries and mines in the state that produce tons of raw minerals every year. Decades ago, Connecticut had an asbestos mine in Litchfield County that produced anthophyllite asbestos. It is unknown how many workers could have been exposed at that asbestos-tainted mine.

Power Plants

Asbestos is highly resistant to heat and fire, which made it a popular material for power plant equipment. Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant and Millstone Nuclear Power Plant are two major power plants that have caused asbestos exposure to thousands of workers over the years.


Large manufacturers such as Ansonia Brass and Copper Company and Coca-Cola often relied on asbestos-containing materials because of durability. Countless workers at these operations may have been exposed to asbestos for decades.


Connecticut was the home of several military bases, such as the Naval Submarine Base New London, which was the primary naval base on the East Coast. All military veterans are at higher risk of developing mesothelioma, especially those who served in the Navy. Asbestos was widely used in Navy ships and on bases for many years.

Asbestos Superfund Sites and Shipyards in Connecticut

Connecticut has several shipyards and there are some locations that are on the EPA’s Superfund list, citing several environmental concerns, including asbestos contamination.

Electric Boat Corporation

This company was established in 1899 to build the first practical submarine. This work led to Electric Boat being one of the leaders in submarine technology. Later, the company bought the New London Ship and Engine Company to expand operations. With its growth, the shipyard grew its workforce rapidly. It put more workers at risk of being exposed to asbestos as the vessels were constructed. The expanded shipyard in Groton is the headquarters of the company today.

Naval Submarine Base New London

This submarine base on the Thames River in Groton was known to be the home of the US submarine force. It became the major submarine base for the Navy on the East Coast. It had 8,000 employees in 1959 and was the biggest submarine base on Earth. That meant that more workers were at risk for asbestos exposure. Today the base consists of 500 acres, more than 400 buildings, and 10,000 workers who still may be exposed at some level to asbestos.

Raymark Industries

Raymark Industries in Stratford was a major manufacturer for the automotive industry. The firm made many parts that contained asbestos, such as clutch pads, brakes and other friction parts. Raymark Industries was on a 34-acre property and usually dumped their waste at the site. This was especially dangerous because so many of the old automotive parts contained asbestos.

The EPA conducted soil testing at the site and found many hazardous contaminants, such as lead and asbestos. The site was placed on the Superfund list in 1995, and clean up still continues today.

Connecticut Asbestos Exposure Laws

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health has an Asbestos Program that reduces the chances that the state’s residents will be exposed to asbestos. The Program ensures that all asbestos is removed according to law. It works with the Environmental Practitioner Licensing Program to license and regulate asbestos abatement consultants and contractors. (

Connecticut Mesothelioma Attorneys

If you have developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, talk to one of the Connecticut mesothelioma attorneys below:

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