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Gary, Indiana, was named after the founding chairman of US Steel in the early 20th century. At the height of its existence, US Steel employed more than 30,000 people. Sadly, many people have contracted mesothelioma in Gary over the years as they were exposed to asbestos in their work.

Thousands of asbestos-caused cancers have been documented in Gary because of the negligence of many companies that produced steel and related products in the area. Some of the negligent companies in Gary include Dean Mitchell Power Plant, JM Foster, and US Steel.

High-Industries for Asbestos Exposure in Gary and Indiana

The CDC reports there were 929 mesothelioma deaths from 1999 through 2015 in Gary and across Indiana. The state has a slightly higher than average death rate from asbestos cancer of 8.5 people per million. ( There are no known asbestos deposits in the state, and the rate of asbestos cancer is a bit higher in the northeastern part of Indiana. (


Gary was once the center of a booming steel industry that employed thousands of workers for decades. Unfortunately, a lot of asbestos was used in the steel industry, and 75% of asbestos cancer diagnoses in the state are in Gary.

Steel production involves high heat and friction, so asbestos was commonly used in protective gear for workers as well as in many of the machines used to make steel. Some of the companies that needlessly exposed workers to asbestos were Gary Steel Works, Bethlehem Steel, and US Steel.

Power Plants

A lot of power is needed to run steel plants in Gary and elsewhere in the state. Asbestos was often used in many power plants in Indiana, such as at Fort Wayne Electric Works, Frankfort Power House, and the Power and Light Company in Indianapolis.

Oil Refineries

Gary and other cities in Indiana were home to gas and oil refineries. Most of these facilities until the 1980s contained high amounts of asbestos that endangered workers. Many companies knew that asbestos was dangerous but never told their workers. Some of the oil refineries that contained asbestos and endangered workers included Wimmar Oil Company, RJ Oil and Refinery Company, and Countrymark Cooperative LLP.


Hospitals are not as safe as we would like to believe. Indiana has several hospitals where workers and patients were exposed to asbestos. The facilities that contain asbestos include St. Joseph’s Hospital, Protestant Deaconess Hospital, and St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Jefferson Boat & Machine Company

This shipyard was known for building barges, but it also made steamboats for many years. Before World War II, the shipyard was purchased by the Navy and was used to build hundreds of crafts for the Navy, including landing ships and submarine chasers. It also built bigger vessels after the war. A lot of asbestos was used in the building of these ships for decades, so many workers were exposed to asbestos.

Indianapolis and Indiana Asbestos Lawsuits

There have been some significant changes in the ability to sue companies in Indiana for causing workers’ mesothelioma. In 2015, the Supreme Court in Indiana negated parts of the state’s Product Liability Act. This action allowed more mesothelioma patients to file asbestos mesothelioma cancer lawsuits against the companies that caused their illnesses.

If the new ruling is finalized, it will allow more people in Gary and elsewhere in Indiana to file asbestos cancer lawsuits more easily.

The problem in the state was the constitutionality of the statute of repose. It had a 10-year cutoff date when the plaintiff could sue a company or other entity. The statute stated that the countdown of the 10 years started when the consumer received the product. But many asbestos cancer suffers do not get the disease for 30 or 40 years after they are initially exposed to asbestos.

The statute of repose as it existed eliminated the ability of many people in Gary and elsewhere in Indiana to file an asbestos lawsuit. Most victims had to go to other states’ courts to file, and this complicated matters for many of them.

In 2015, the Indianapolis Star reported that the supreme court ruling was regarding an elderly man who worked as an electrician for four decades. He was diagnosed with asbestos cancer in 2014. It was 15 years after he retired and decades after the initial asbestos exposure.

Because of the new Indiana Supreme Court ruling, it is thought that more asbestos cancer lawsuits will be able to be filed in the state.

Indiana Asbestos Attorney Information

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma in Gary, contact one of the experienced mesothelioma attorneys below:

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Theodoros & Rooth PC has a long, impressive history of working with injured workers in Northwest Indiana. If you or one of your loved ones got mesothelioma while working in Gary, talk to one of their mesothelioma attorneys today.

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This law firm has many years of experience working with asbestos lawsuits, including product liability and premises liability claims. If you want to potentially obtain mesothelioma compensation, including payment for your medical bills and lost wages, talk to Wooden Mclaughlin LLP today.

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