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Mesothelioma is a cancer of the mesothelium, which is the tissue that covers and protects many of our organs, such as the lungs, stomach, and heart.

Mesothelioma develops most often in the lung lining and is caused by asbestos exposure. It is estimated that 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed per year. Only about 5-10% of patients survive five years or more. Many patients do not know they have the disease until stage 4 mesothelioma when treatment options are limited. (

Georgia and Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure occurs on the job, for the most part. Georgia residents who do not work around asbestos have a low risk of being exposed to the dangerous mineral.

However, Georgia has the third-highest number of natural asbestos deposits of any state with at least 52 known locations. The Sall Mountain Region has high-quality asbestos that was mined for more than 100 years. Several counties in southwestern Georgia have the highest rates of asbestos cancer in the state.

It was common for many industrial and manufacturing companies in Georgia to use cheap, durable asbestos for its high heat, fire, and chemical resistance. Asbestos was used frequently as insulation and to protect workers and machinery from chemical reactions.

Georgia Sites of Asbestos Exposure

Georgia has many industries that have put workers at risk of asbestos exposure over the decades. The manufacturing industry in Georgia employed 345,000 as of 2010 and was 11% of the state’s GDP. If you worked in any of the industries below before 1980, you may have suffered extensive asbestos exposure and mesothelioma cancer diagnosis. (

Paper Mills

Paper production is big business in Georgia. One of the large paper manufacturing companies in the state was Georgia-Pacific. It frequently used asbestos-containing products, such as drying felts in its pulp and paper mills in Georgia. It stopped using asbestos in 1977, but more than 10 years of exposure left many former workers with a devastating mesothelioma diagnosis.

Other paper mills in Georgia include Cedar Springs Paper Mill, Great Northern Paper Company, and Interstate Paper Corporation. Workers in paper mills may have been heavily exposed to asbestos and run a higher risk of developing asbestos-related diseases decades after initial exposure to asbestos.

Power Plants

As in most states, power generation is a big source of asbestos exposure. Some of the power plants in Georgia that exposed workers to asbestos include Georgia Power Company, Hatch Power Plant, and Western Electric. Asbestos was frequently used in power plants to control heat and fire.


All branches of the US military have had bases in Georgia throughout the state’s history. Many of these bases exposed workers to asbestos. Some of the largest military bases in the state that exposed workers to asbestos are United States Naval Reserve Aviation Base in Chamblee, Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, and the Atlanta Army Depot in Forest Park.


Shipbuilding has long been a popular industry in Georgia, even though it does not has as much shoreline as other states in the region. One of them is Savannah Shipyard in the eastern part of the city. It was taken over in the 1940s by the United States Maritime Commission and was assigned to Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation.

Dozens of military ships were built there over the decades and were full of asbestos insulation. Workers were exposed to asbestos in the building and repair of these vessels.

Georgia Job Sites with Asbestos Exposure

Some of the companies and sites in Georgia that have had asbestos exposure problems are:

  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Thrash Prospect
  • Bowen Power Plant
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • CSX Transportation
  • Reid Mine
  • Bell Creek Mine
  • Hicks Asbestos Mine
  • Jekyll Island Historical Power Plant

Georgia Asbestos Exposure Laws

Georgia has extensive rules for asbestos abatement, licensing, and disposal. ( When asbestos abatement projects are performed, vehicles to transport containerized asbestos must have a system in place to keep the containers in place and undamaged.

Also, vacuum trucks used to transport asbestos waste in liquid form must be built to ensure there are no leaks.

Regarding disposal, asbestos-containing waste must only be disposed of in a permitted landfill authorized by the state.

Georgia Mesothelioma Attorneys

If you have developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure in Georgia, please contact one of the mesothelioma attorneys below:

Montlick & Associates

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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, your legal rights could be the last thing you are thinking about during this difficult time. However, the huge medical costs associated with asbestos cancer, as well as the loss of income to your family, can create tremendous financial problems. The attorneys at Montlick & Associates can help you to get the mesothelioma compensation that you deserve because of the negligence of the company you once worked for.

Suthers Law Firm

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If you have mesothelioma in Georgia, it is likely that you were exposed to asbestos years ago. You may be unsure which employer exposed you to asbestos, and that company might even be under a different name today. The attorneys at Suthers Law Firm can track down the companies that needlessly exposed you to asbestos and get you the mesothelioma compensation you need.

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