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Mesothelioma is aggressive cancer that ravages the lining of the lungs, heart, or abdominal organs. Pleural mesothelioma affecting the lungs is the most common form of the disease. The prognosis for mesothelioma is usually poor, with a 5-10% five-year survivability rate.

This disease is almost always caused by asbestos exposure in the workplace. Invisible asbestos particles can be inhaled or swallowed by the billions over time and get stuck in delicate body tissues. After up to 40 years, cancer can develop in some people that were exposed to asbestos. (

Asbestos is used much less than decades ago, but the long latency period with mesothelioma means workers exposed decades ago could still get mesothelioma today.

Indiana and Asbestos Exposure

Most asbestos exposure in Indiana occurs at work. State residents who do not work in heavy industry or manufacturing usually have a low risk of asbestos exposure. While there are no naturally-occurring asbestos deposits in Indiana, the state has a slightly above average mesothelioma mortality rate of 8.5 people per one million residents. (

Indiana Sites of Asbestos Exposure

As a state in the Rust Belt part of the US, industrial workers in Indiana could be at a higher risk of developing mesothelioma than some other parts of the country. This is especially true for workers who were employed in such industries as steel manufacturing, power generation, and oil refining before 1980.

Steel Manufacturing

Gary, Indiana, was once the home of a booming steel making industry. Approximately 75% of the asbestos cancer cases in Indiana are in this region. Because of the high heat needed for smelting, processing, and shaping steel, asbestos was commonly used in protective gear, machines, and other products in steel plants.

Some of the steel companies in Indiana that exposed workers to asbestos were Bethlehem Steel, US Steel, and Gary Steel Works.

Power Plants

A lot of electricity is needed to power steel plants and other major industries. Power plants have been a major source of asbestos contamination for workers for years.

Many cities in Indiana have their own local power stations, such as the Power & Light Company in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne Electric Works, and Frankfort Power House. There are many other power stations in the state that exposed workers to asbestos.

Oil Refineries

Indiana has many oil and gas refineries that contain high levels of asbestos insulation to prevent or contain fires. Some of the oil refineries that have exposed workers to asbestos include RJ Oil & Refinery Company, Winmar Oil Company, and Countrymark Cooperative LLP.

All of these companies are known to have workers who were diagnosed with mesothelioma. Shell and Texaco also have refineries in Indiana.

Healthcare Centers

Everyone wants to think that hospitals are safe places where people are treated and they get better from injuries and illnesses. But Indiana has several hospitals where patients, workers, and visitors may have suffered asbestos exposure.

Some of these healthcare facilities include Protestant Deaconness Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Brake Manufacturing

In 1984, a union worker at a Nuturn Corporation brake manufacturing facility asked OSHA to look at the level of asbestos exposure in the plant. The OSHA inspection found asbestos levels far above legal limits.

Chest X-rays of 170 plant workers found they had complications from long-term asbestos exposure. It is possible some of these workers could develop mesothelioma in the future.

Indiana Job Sites with Asbestos Exposure

Some of the companies in Indiana with asbestos exposure problems are:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Dow AgroSciences
  • Nuturn Corporation
  • Warrick Generating Station in Yankeetown
  • General Motors
  • Peerless Pump
  • General Services Administration Depot
  • Federal Office Building in Evansville

Indiana Asbestos Exposure Laws

The Bureau of Environmental Services in Indiana regulates any asbestos renovation that will disturb or remove friable asbestos-containing materials between 25 and 260 linear feet, between 15 and 160 square feet, and between .75 and 30 cubic feet.

Friable asbestos refers to any material that has more than one percent asbestos that, when dry, may be crumbled or reduced to powder by hand or machine. The Bureau also regulates non-friable asbestos-containing materials when they have been made friable. (

State laws also require that no contractor may remove friable asbestos-containing materials from a structure without a permit issued by the Bureau.

Indiana Mesothelioma Attorneys

Many workers in Indiana’s manufacturing and industrial companies were exposed to asbestos for years and developed asbestos cancer. If you think you developed mesothelioma from a company’s negligence, please contact one of the respected asbestos exposure attorneys below.

Theodoros and Rooth, P.C.

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The personal injury attorneys at Theodoros & Rooth, P.C. are highly experienced in mesothelioma and asbestos exposure cases. They are a trusted law firm in Northwest Indiana that has helped injured parties gain compensation for more than 30 years, and they understand the health and financial needs of people with asbestos-related diseases.

Ward & Ward Law Firm

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Ward & Ward Liaw has a strong reputation in Indiana for working with asbestos exposure victims in getting them the mesothelioma compensation they need. Their attorneys handle asbestos claims regularly and understand the complexity of these challenging cases. Even if you do not know where you were exposed to asbestos, their attorneys can do the tough research to find those responsible and hold them accountable.

Truitt Law Offices

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If you have been exposed to asbestos and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma in Indiana, it is critical to talk to a skilled mesothelioma attorney soon. Truitt Law Offices knows how to handle difficult asbestos exposure cases and they have a strong record of settlements and verdicts in this complex area of litigation.

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