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Los Angeles is a city of four million people as of 2017, with a long history of business and industry in aerospace and defense, transportation, trade and logistics, and food manufacturing, among others. Today the city is a booming, high-tech hub with active sectors in IT, entertainment and marketing.

While the city is one of the most modern in America in many ways, it has a history of asbestos exposure going back decades. The city has a long history of construction and industrial activity that goes back to early in the 20th century when asbestos-containing products were commonly used.

Below is more information about some of the industries that exposed workers to asbestos in Los Angeles and across California.

High-Industries for Asbestos Exposure in Los Angeles and Across California

If you lived and worked in Los Angeles or California for an extended time, there is a possibility you were exposed to asbestos. Generally, California has a high death rate from mesothelioma. From 1999 through 2015, 4,295 residents in this state died from asbestos cancer, making it #1 for such deaths in the US. (Mesothelioma.com)

Two counties in the state, Siskiyou and Yuba, are ranked among the top 50 in American with the highest death rates from mesothelioma. Also, naturally occurring asbestos is found in 45 out of 58 counties in California.

In addition to naturally-occurring asbestos, the deadly mineral has been used in many industries in Los Angeles and California generally:


California has the third-longest coastline in the United States and has 20 shipyards where asbestos was used for insulation during vessel construction and repair. One of them is the San Diego Naval Base not far from Los Angeles. It is the major port for the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy.

Oil Industry

The California Energy Commission reports there are 30 oil platforms offshore in this state and 21 oil refineries. There also are almost 50 refined oil product terminals in California. Some of these may no longer be in operation. However, some of these oil industry job sites in California have been functioning since the 1950s or even earlier, so, asbestos is used heavily throughout the facilities.

Power Plants

Because of the size of Los Angeles and the state, there are many power plants usually powered by natural gas. But there also are coal, hydroelectric and nuclear plants. Power plants such as the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station used crocidolite asbestos to insulate from electricity and heat created by power generation.


There are at least 240 asbestos deposits in California, including some of the biggest on the planet. Many of these mines, including the John D. Hoff Mine and the Atlas Asbestos Company, were producing asbestos ore for decades. Also, asbestos has been located in many other California mines for other minerals, such as talc, coal, copper, and gold.

Los Angeles California Shipyards and Superfund Sites

Shipyards have been a large part of Los Angeles and much of the California coastline since it became a state. Most of the shipyards are near Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Bethlehem Steel Shipyard in San Francisco

This is one of the oldest shipyards in the state. It was established in 1849 and was called Union Brass and Iron Works. Between World War I and II, the yard became a big warship construction site on the West Coast. It eventually switched over to ship repair after World War II. Because of the high numbers of vessels built and repaired there, many workers over the decades were heavily exposed to asbestos.

Naval Base San Diego

This naval base was established in 1910 and went under the control of the US Navy during World War I. It became the major port for aircraft carriers for the entire Pacific Fleet. Because of the large military vessels that were housed there, thousands of workers at this shipyard were exposed to asbestos for years.

Long Beach Naval Shipyard

Long Beach Naval Shipyard opened near Los Angeles in 1940 and was in operation for 57 years. Long Beach Naval Shipyard near Los Angeles was one of the subjects of a GAO report in 1979 that said that dust samples aboard two ships showed high levels of asbestos, showing that cleanup was not done effectively. Because of the large amounts of asbestos that were used in the shipyard’s history, many workers were probably exposed to asbestos when the vessels were there.

Los Angeles Mesothelioma Attorney Information

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition, talk to one of these experienced attorneys:

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This law firm has an experienced team of asbestos attorneys that are skilled in helping people with mesothelioma and their loved ones. Their attorneys understand the challenges of getting big settlements from companies that exposed you to asbestos, and they have a strong success record.

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Baron & Budd team of mesothelioma lawyers was founded more than 40 years ago. They have a strong national reputation for helping the victims of mesothelioma getting the compensation they deserve. Anyone located in southern California with an asbestos-related condition should call right away.

Rose, Klein & Marias

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This is one of the premier asbestos law firms in the state. Rose, Klein & Marias successfully tried the initial asbestos lawsuit in California. That plaintiff obtained a $1.2 million verdict in 1980 that paved the way for modern asbestos lawsuits.

Get Los Angeles Mesothelioma Legal Help

If you were a worker in the Los Angeles area and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestosis, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the shipyard or the companies that supplied the facility with asbestos-containing materials.

With over $30 billion available for victims through the Asbestos Trust Funds, you could be entitled to financial compensations without ever filing a lawsuit. Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer victims qualify immediately. Complete the form or call us toll-free (800) 352-0871