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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a population of 595,000 that has a lengthy history of heavy manufacturing and industry, including all of the companies listed below. Many companies in Milwaukee used asbestos to protect against fire and heat in their operations. But they exposed workers to this deadly substance, and some of them have developed mesothelioma decades later.

Some of the companies in Milwaukee that exposed workers to asbestos are: (

  • Milwaukee County Hospital
  • National Tea Company
  • New City Hall
  • Bell Telephone Building
  • Boston Stores Warehouse
  • Pemco Realty
  • Charmin Paper Company
  • Salvation Army
  • General Electric
  • Miller Brewing
  • Marquette University
  • Goodrich
  • Mann Brothers
  • Madison Gas & Electric Company

If you or a loved one developed asbestos cancer after working in Milwaukee, you might be eligible for mesothelioma compensation.

High-Industries for Asbestos Exposure in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

According to the CDC, from 1999 through 2015, 1,083 residents of the state died from asbestos cancer. The death rate for mesothelioma in Wisconsin is 11.5 per one million people, which is above the national average. Mesothelioma mortality rates are much higher around Milwaukee, Duluth, and Green Bay. (

Paper Mills

Two of the top employers in Milwaukee and Wisconsin are Kimberly-Clark and Georgia-Pacific, whose paper production exceeds that of most states. While the direct use of asbestos was not usually a hazard to workers, drying felts, and adhesives sometimes contained asbestos. The felts needed to be changed often and exposed workers to asbestos contamination.

Other major paper companies in the state include Consolidated Papers, International Paper Company, and Green Bay Paper and Pulp Company.


Power companies are important in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin. They used high amounts of asbestos to insulate against heat and electricity. That is why many people who worked in power plants in Milwaukee were exposed to the deadly material. Some of the power plants that exposed workers to asbestos include Madison Gas & Electric Company, Milwaukee Central Power Station, and Eastern Wisconsin Electric Company. (


Wisconsin is bordered by two Great Lakes, so it has a storied history of shipbuilding. Unfortunately, the shipyards were most active in the mid-20th century when asbestos was heavily used in ships. In Wisconsin, shipbuilders were some of the highest-risk people to develop mesothelioma. Shipyards in Marinette, Superior, and Sturgeon Bay all have exposed workers to asbestos over the decades.

Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

This yard has been in operation in Sturgeon Bay for 100 years but it has been owned by Fincantieri Marine Group for only 10 years. During World War II, the yard built many sub chasers, frigates, water tankers, and more with about 5,000 people employed at the height of the war. During the 50s and 60s, the shipyard kept building ships but lately, it has been making more commercial boats.

Workers who were employed at the peak of its operations were probably exposed to asbestos, and some of them could develop mesothelioma.

Ladish Company

This was a big metal manufacturer in Milwaukee. It used high-heat processes to cast and forge metals. As many as 200 furnaces were needed to run at once. The furnaces and many other pieces of equipment were insulated with asbestos-containing materials. These heat-intensive processes damaged the furnaces and insulation, so workers had to constantly repair the equipment. As they did so, they were exposed to high levels of asbestos dust.

This heavy asbestos exposure led to many health problems for Ladish masons and other workers. One mason developed asbestos cancer 40 years after he worked there and died. His name was George Zielinski.

Ladish did have a medical monitoring program to check people who were exposed to asbestos. But NIOSH auditors looked over 11 medical records of workers and found the X-rays were not done right. Of the 11 chest X-rays taken, only six could be read. NIOSH found the program was insufficient and would not help doctors to diagnose asbestos-related diseases.

Milwaukee and Wisconsin Asbestos Lawsuits

In May 1999, Zielinski filed a personal injury lawsuit against several asbestos suppliers to Ladish, including  A.P. Green Industries, Inc., Power Holdings, Inc., Firebrick Engineers, Inc. and Milwaukee Chaplet & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

He passed away from mesothelioma the month after he filed suit. The court dismissed the suit, but his wife and daughter filed another mesothelioma settlement lawsuit. That case also was dismissed. As of this writing, the Zielinski family has not received justice in their case.

Milwaukee and Asbestos Attorney Information

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