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Mesothelioma is a nearly always fatal cancer of the lining of the major internal organs. The most common place this serious cancer occurs is in the lung lining; this form is called pleural mesothelioma. But sometimes the cancer can attack the lining surrounding the heart, intestines, stomach and testicles.

According to the American Cancer Society, 3,000 new cases of the cancer are diagnosed in the US each year. Mesothelioma is painful, difficult to treat, and the five year survival rate is poor. Mesothelioma is mostly caused by exposure to asbestos, a substance that was commonly used in many manufacturing and industrial occupations for decades due to its heat and chemical resistant properties.

Ohio and Asbestos Exposure

Given the industrial nature of the Ohio job base, from steel production to the manufacture of automobiles and parts, thousands of workers in the Buckeye State have been exposed to asbestos over the years, and many have died from mesothelioma. The CDC estimates from 1999 to 2015 that 1,939 Ohioans died from mesothelioma. Also, Ohio has a mortality rate for mesothelioma that is about 10 people per million each year. Jefferson and Washington counties in Ohio rank in the top 50 in America for the highest mesothelioma death rates from 2000 to 2009. (

If you worked in an industrial or manufacturing capacity in Ohio and were diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation for your disease, if it can be proven that an employer or former employer was negligent. It is smart to talk to a mesothelioma attorney to determine what your legal options are. The contact details for some of the best Ohio mesothelioma attorneys are at the end of this article.

What Causes Mesothelioma?

It first important to note that mesothelioma is different than lung cancer and is not caused by smoking. Mesothelioma occurs when the DNA in the organ lining cells are damaged by asbestos fibers. This is the most common way that people get mesothelioma; it is estimated that eight out of 10 patients got the disease by asbestos exposure. When the fibers are inhaled into the lungs, they go into the ends of tiny air passages and get into the pleura or lung lining.

Over time, this can cause inflammation and scarring. It can eventually damage the DNA of the cells and can lead to cancer cell growth. If the fibers are swallowed, asbestos can get into the lining of the abdomen. This can cause peritoneal mesothelioma, which has a slightly higher survivability rate for five years than pleural mesothelioma. (

Ohio Sites of Asbestos Exposure

Ohio residents do not have to worry about asbestos deposits in the state, as the mineral does not occur naturally there. But there are many heavy industries that used asbestos over the years in operations. Tell your doctor if you worked in any of these occupations in the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s, and to watch during medical examinations for any sign of an asbestos-related disease.


Cleveland has long been an industrial city, and steel manufacturers for decades fueled the local economy, and still do to some degree today. Cleveland and other industrial towns in the Buckeye State are the home to steel companies including J&L Steel Corp., Midland Steel and Carnegie Steel Company. Asbestos was often used for heat insulation in steel mills for equipment and during construction. Workers in steel mills until the 1980s, from machinists to janitors to conductors, all faced possible asbestos exposure.

Oil Refineries

Oil refineries throughout Ohio are well known for using asbestos in their construction and products. Older oil facilities used asbestos everywhere for fire insulation, and it also was used in equipment operated by oil refinery workers. Oil features several oil refineries that caused asbestos exposure to workers: BP, Sunoco, Marathon Ohio and Clark Refining.


Staff at schools throughout the state face a higher risk of mesothelioma; asbestos was often used in older school buildings. Schools today must have asbestos management programs, but some exposure still happens in Ohio. Jackson Elementary School in Maumee, as well as Bluffton and Ashland colleges have asbestos in their buildings.

Power Plants

Many power plants in Ohio are thought to be some of the worst polluters in the United States, as so many of them are fired by coal. Conesville Power Plant and Muskingum River Power Plant are known to be polluters and both have used asbestos often in their buildings. Asbestos is often in fire doors, insulation, gaskets, pipes – all of which make it likely that power plant workers faced exposure, and still could today.

Ohio Asbestos Exposure Laws

The asbestos program in Ohio is regulated by the Ohio EPA. The Ohio Administrative Code has regulations for the control of asbestos emissions from renovation and demolition projects. Regulations require that the contractor provide notification, do inspections to determine how much asbestos is present, follow proper asbestos removal practices, etc. (

Ohio Mesothelioma Attorneys

Many workers over many decades in Ohio’s industrial economy were certainly exposed to asbestos. If you worked in an industry in Ohio and have developed mesothelioma, we recommend that you talk to one of the below Ohio mesothelioma attorneys. Each will provide a complimentary consultation and can determine if you have a case. You need to have been diagnosed by a doctor with an asbestos-related condition.

Clark, Perdue & List LPA

695 Bryden Road

Columbus OH 43205

(800) 647-7003

This highly experienced and respected best mesothelioma law firm can help you to obtain justice if you were exposed to asbestos on the job in Ohio. The attorneys here have more than 30 years in personal injury law, including mesothelioma and asbestosis cases. You can receive a complimentary consultation today if you call them at their toll-free number.

Kelley & Ferraro

Ernst & Young Tower

950 Main Ave. Suite 1300

Cleveland OH 44113

(800) 398-1795

The attorneys at this Cleveland-based law firm have dedicated their legal careers to helping mesothelioma victims obtain as much mesothelioma compensation as possible from asbestos product distributors, users and manufacturers. They have years of experience handling these complex claims. Also, even if you get worker’s compensation from your former employer for your mesothelioma damages and expenses, you still could recover more compensation in a third-party lawsuit against the company or companies that supplied the asbestos-containing materials to your employer.

Simmons, Hanly and Conroy

One Court Street

Alton IL 62002

(800) 326-8900

This mesothelioma law firm is based in Illinois, but has represented hundreds of individuals in Ohio who have developed an asbestos-related disease. These experienced asbestos exposure attorneys will travel to you anywhere in Ohio. They have represented families in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and more.

Since 1999, this law firm has obtained $5 billion in mesothelioma lawsuit settlements and verdicts. They also have recovered tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for mesothelioma and asbestosis victims. If you need a highly skilled mesothelioma attorney, Call Simmons, Hanly and Conroy for a free consultation today.

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