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Mesothelioma is one of the worst cancers you can get. Most people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma do not know they have it until stage III or IV. By this time, cancer has spread beyond the original site and most patients live less than a year.

But if you were diagnosed with mesothelioma in Oklahoma and believe your exposure was caused by a company you worked with, you could have options to gain mesothelioma lawsuit settlement payouts for your injuries. Below is more information.

Oklahoma and Asbestos Exposure

From 1999 to 2015, approximately 393 people in Oklahoma died from mesothelioma. The death rate in this state is 6.3 per million which is below the national average. Counties on the southern border of the state tend to have a higher rate of mesothelioma than in other parts of the state. (mesothelioma.com)

Oklahoma Sites of Asbestos Exposure

Agriculture and natural gas production are the major industries in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, both industries have a history of using asbestos.

Oil and Natural Gas

The first commercial oil well in this state was built in 1897. Companies began to rush into the former Indian Territory to capitalize on the abundance of natural resources here. By 1901, Tulsa was being called The Oil Capital of the World. A few years after that, natural gas was the state’s #2 natural resource. Over the next several decades, California was in competition with California for the top oil producer in the United States. Today, at least 70 of the states’s 77 counties have productive oil wells.

Sadly, many oil well workers were heavily exposed to asbestos because the substance was used to prevent fires. Some of the oil companies that worked in Oklahoma and may have exposed workers to asbestos were:

  • Texaco
  • Sinclair Oil
  • Sun O
  • Conoco
  • Phillips Petroleum
  • Champlin Oil and Refining


Oklahoma is a big agricultural state. It relies on agriculture to grow its economy almost as much as oil and gas. Farmland Industries was once the biggest agricultural cooperative in the United States, which included large numbers of farms in the state. It also was responsible for heavy asbestos exposure for many of its workers. Asbestos also was a major issue when it came to processing crops as many mills and food factories had asbestos in their equipment. Some of the companies known to have asbestos exposure problems were:

  • Acme Flour Mills
  • The Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College

Power Plants

There are several power companies that provide power to the Oklahoma industry and residents in the state. Many of these energy companies have used asbestos for insulation material for the heat and electricity that was used during power production. Many workers were exposed to asbestos during these operations. Some of the power plants that are known to have exposed workers to asbestos were:

  • Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company
  • Ponca City Municipal Electric System
  • Garson Light & Power Company


All US branches of the military used asbestos for decades. Asbestos was used to insulate military ships, aircraft and land vehicles to control heat and fire. Three military facilities in Oklahoma exposed workers, family members and civilian workers to asbestos, including at Fort Sill Army Base, Tinker Air Force Base, and the US Naval Ammunition Depot.

Oklahoma Asbestos Superfund Sites

The EPA has designated more than 12 locations in Oklahoma on the Superfund list. Most of them are related to oil and natural gas contamination, but some of them have needed asbestos cleanup, too.

Hudson Refinery

Hudson Refinery is situated in Cushing. The 200-acre site was added to the Superfund list mostly because it has soil with high levels of oil contamination. But EPA documents from the last five-year report indicate loose asbestos also was a major problem at the site. This is not a surprise because the facility was in operation from 1922 until 1982, when asbestos was most often used in facilities such as these. There was a 16-year clean up initiated in 1999 that completed in 2015.

Fourth Street Abandoned Refinery

This oil refinery in Oklahoma City was in operation from the 1940s until the 1960s. It contaminated the soil and groundwater with other and other chemicals. But there also was a lot of asbestos insulation in the soil, which required abatement and removal. This site was on the EPA Superfund list for 14 years while it was cleaned up until the work was completed in 2008.

Oklahoma Refining Company

A 160-acre oil refinery in Cyril had a lot of oil contamination in the ground, as well as several buildings that continued asbestos in its pipes and oil storage vessels. The clean up was supposed to be completed by 2006, but some cleanup efforts continued until 2017.

What Causes Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma terrible cancer caused by asbestos exposure. It usually affects the lung and abdominal lining and affects thousands of blue-collar workers. Family members also can undergo secondary asbestos exposure at home and get mesothelioma.

When asbestos was used in insulation, gaskets, machinery, brake lining, and many other products, the tiny shards of fibers could be blown into the air when disturbed. They can be easily breathed in or swallowed. The asbestos can lodge there for many years. Genetic mutations and scarring can lead to cancer. (Cancer.org)

Oklahoma Mesothelioma Attorneys

Have you been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestosis? It is important to talk to an Oklahoma mesothelioma attorney today to understand what your legal rights are:

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If you believe your mesothelioma is related to asbestos exposure in Oklahoma or another state, call these experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorneys. They will never back down in the face of a challenge and will hold any negligent parties responsible for the damages they caused you.

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