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Seattle, Washington, is located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington with a population of 608,000. The city was established in 1851, with early industries in lumber and flour manufacturing. Today it is a modern city with a diverse economy that has industries ranging from lumber manufacturing to aerospace and technology. (

However, Seattle has a long history of industry and construction that made exposure to asbestos a serious concern for workers going back decades.

Below is more information about some industries that exposed workers to asbestos in Seattle and across Washington.

High-Industries for Asbestos Exposure in Seattle and Across Washington

Recent data shows that from 1999 to 2015, 1,338 residents in the state died from mesothelioma. The death rate in Washington for mesothelioma is at least 16.6 per million people, which is much higher than the US average, according to the CDC. (

Washington also is the home of 34 asbestos deposits and mines, which are risks for anyone living near them. Kitsap and Mason counties have the highest death rates for mesothelioma in the state. The northeastern counties of Stevens, Ferry, and Pend Oreille also have high death rates from asbestos cancer. (

The mining, manufacturing and maritime industries in Seattle and Washington made workers and residents more vulnerable to asbestos exposure:

Asbestos Mines

The state’s Cascade, Okanogan, and Rocky Mountain ranges have high amounts of serpentine rock, which is where most commercial asbestos comes from. In addition to five large asbestos mines in northern Washington, there are several serpentine deposits in the middle of the state near Ellensburg and Wenatchee.


The Northwest Pacific Coast is a vital commercial shipping center, with ports in many areas of the coastline, including Puget Sound.

That is why Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver all have large shipyards with a sorry history of exposing dock workers and shipbuilders to asbestos; large amounts of the deadly material were used in ocean-going vessels for decades. Some of the shipyards in the state include Talbott Shipyard, Kaiser Shipyard, and Voyage Repair station.


For many years, the timber industry has been the heart of the state economy, including the production of paper and paper products. Materials containing asbestos are still found in the state’s paper and pulp mills. Asbestos is used in the materials and machinery used to make paper, such as drying felts and adhesives. Some of the timber and paper companies that operate in Washington and near Seattle include Scott Paper Company, EK Wood Lumber Company, and Weyerhauser Timber Company.


Washington State is the first port of call in the US for Alaska tankers and many oil refineries are located there. Petroleum is a dangerous liquid at all stages of its production, so asbestos-containing materials were used at these facilities in fire doors, overcoats, hoods and gloves. Some of the big petroleum companies that exposed employees to asbestos were BP Oil, Chevron Chemical, Shell Oil, Texaco, and Mobil.


There have been several asbestos lawsuits filed in Seattle and Washington by former employees of aluminum plants in the state. Aluminum production has been an important part of the state economy since World War II. Its manufacturing requires high amounts of heat, so asbestos was used often to shield workers and machinery from heat and ire.

ALCOA aluminum smelters in Wenatchee and Vancouver are well-known to expose workers to heavy amounts of asbestos. But other companies in the Seattle area have had asbestos problems, too. These include Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation, INTALCO Aluminum, Harvey Aluminum, and Columbia Aluminum.

Duwamish Shipyard

This Seattle facility began operation in 1939 with a focus on building commercial vessels, such as tugboats and barges. While it only had about 200 workers at its peak, workers at the Seattle shipyard were exposed to asbestos in construction, repair and dismantling work.

Bremerton Naval Shipyard

Bremerton Naval Shipyard started to build naval ships during World War I. During World War II, it assisted in the repair of some vessels that were damaged at Pearl Harbor. It also helped to rebuild the Pacific Fleet that was destroyed in that attack. In recent years, Bremerton has been doing more work in dismantling and decommissioned ships and keeping some of the Navy’s inactive ships that are held in reserve.

Because of all the restoration and repair work done over the years, many military veterans and civilian workers were exposed to high amounts of asbestos that caused them to get mesothelioma and asbestosis.

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