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Getting a mesothelioma diagnosis is a scary experience. Mesothelioma is one of the most aggressive cancers there are. The disease is caused by asbestos exposure that usually happens on the job. The most common type is pleural mesothelioma that affects the lining of the lungs. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects the lining of the abdomen and the organs there.

Mesothelioma can involve three different types of cells: epithelioid, sarcomatoid, and biphasic. Epithelioid responds the best to chemotherapy, but the disease generally has a poor prognosis. Most people with this disease die after a year or less, and the five-year survivability rate is less than 10%.

Mesothelioma is caused by inhaling or swallowing asbestos fibers. Invisible asbestos particles embed in sensitive tissues in the lungs and abdomen and can lead to cancer after many years.

South Dakota and Asbestos Exposure

Most asbestos exposure in South Dakota occurs on the job in heavy industry or manufacturing. But there are several natural asbestos deposits in the state that are on its western border with Wyoming. Another mineral deposit related to asbestos occurs in several places in South Dakota that puts people at risk for asbestos exposure.

South Dakota Sites of Asbestos Exposure

While there are not as many asbestos exposure cases in this state compared with other states, there still have been mesothelioma deaths in South Dakota. Some of the industries and locations that have had asbestos exposure problems are listed below.


Much of the economy of South Dakota is driven by agriculture. The state has more than 19 million acres for farming and 23 million acres of pasture for cattle. Agriculture produces about $25 billion in revenue for South Dakota each year.

While the industry may not seem dangerous, some machinery and equipment may contain asbestos. Some farms in the state may use agricultural filters that use asbestos.


Ellsworth Air Force Base is the second-largest employer in South Dakota. Before the dangers of asbestos were understood, US military bases used asbestos often for insulation and to prevent fire. Asbestos is found throughout Ellsworth Air Force Base, including in buildings, weapons, housing, and vehicles.

Even though the Air Force has made efforts to eliminate asbestos from the base, military members and their families probably were exposed to asbestos for years.

Power Plants

Power plants in South Dakota often contained asbestos to protect people and equipment from heat and fire. Some of the plants that contain asbestos are Pathfinder Power Plant and Black Hills Generation. Some of the power plants in the state are hydroelectric, which are thought to be cleaner and safer than fossil fuel plants.

But asbestos still is contained in the construction of hydroelectric plants and in their turbines and generators.


There are many old school buildings in South Dakota that used asbestos in their construction. Asbestos was used as insulation, in roof shingles, and even in tile flooring. South Dakota State University has asbestos in some of its buildings. The university is required to take precautions to ensure that asbestos in their facilities is not disturbed.

Erionite Deposits

Over the last several decades, some parts of South Dakota have been found to have deposits of the toxic mineral erionite. It is similar to asbestos in that it is a fibrous mineral that can cause mesothelioma and other serious respiratory diseases.

Rocks contaminated with this mineral have been found in South Dakota gravel pits and at least 12 other states. Gravel from these pits is often used to pave parking lots and roads. Some experts believe erionite could be 800 times more likely to cause mesothelioma than asbestos.

The dangers of erionite are well documented. In three villages in Turkey, heavy erionite exposure killed as many as 50% of the residents. This mineral is not as well known or understood as asbestos, so people in South Dakota could be at risk from erionite as well as asbestos.

South Dakota Job Sites with Asbestos Exposure

If you worked at one of the companies below, you may have been exposed to asbestos:

  • Amdak Corporation
  • General Public Utilities
  • State School of Mines
  • Rapid City Lime Company
  • Rapid City Air Force Base
  • Black Hills Power and Light Company
  • Ellsworth Air Force Base
  • Northern States Power Company
  • Argus Leader Building
  • John Morrell and Company
  • Mac Arthur Company

South Dakota Asbestos Laws

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources regulates remodeling or renovating buildings that may contain asbestos-containing materials. These regulations apply to public and commercial buildings. Private homes and apartment buildings with four or fewer units are exempt from these regulations.

Any project that is subject to South Dakota regulations must have a notification to the department within 10 working days before the project begins.

Contractors who work on asbestos projects in South Dakota must be trained and certified by the state. (

South Dakota Mesothelioma Attorneys

If you have been exposed to asbestos and have mesothelioma, you could be entitled to compensation in a lawsuit. Please contact one of the attorneys below to have your case reviewed.

Lowe Law Group

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Dealing with mesothelioma is extremely challenging. But if you have a good South Dakota personal injury asbestos attorney working for you, it is possible to get substantial mesothelioma lawsuit compensation after death. Lowe Law Group is experienced with asbestos litigation and can help to protect your legal rights.

Goodsell Quinn Attorneys

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The key to obtaining mesothelioma compensation in an asbestos exposure case is identifying and tracking the companies that exposed you to the deadly mineral. The attorneys at Goodsell Quinn are skilled in finding companies that used asbestos and holding them accountable in a settlement or at trial.

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